I Care

As we all know that India is surrounded by a no. of problems. The problems are of varied nature.We are utilizing this tool of awareness to fight the problems of our nation.

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I Fly

This flagship initiative of the organization is aimed at enrolling the community children into schools and providing them handholding support.

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Vastra Samman

We collect clothes from people having surplus of them and distribute them to the people in need. We  provide  a platform to step ahead and support for  donating their old clothes.

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Our Goal.  India is a country of 121 crore people, a fantastic culture and heritage and all forms of nature. Along with its unique features our country has some other identities also such as corruption, social evils, poverty etc. To make it a perfect nation we have to join hands. Infinity…everlasting help is an effort to provide a platform to the citizens of the nation to contribute in the progress of the Country.